Ojai Valley Beekeeping Club, 1st Meeting Thursday July 21st, 6:00 PM Farmer & Cook annex

Ojai Valley Beekeepers Meeting
Thursday July 21st, 6:00 PM
Farmer and the Cook annex
339 W El Roblar
Park on side street

Last week’s screening of the beautiful, exciting, and inspiring feature length documentary, “Queen of the Sun” has tapped into a large enthusiasm for honey bees and beekeeping in the Ojai Valley. With the help of Renee Roth, a list of around sixty people have added their names to a list of those interested in starting a beekeeping club in Ojai. Farmer and the Cook has generously offered up their annex for a kick off meeting of a new club on Thursday evening, July 21st, at six o’clock. This is a space they normally rent out, so we are asking a suggested donation of $ 5.00 to defray their expense and that we park in the surrounding neighborhood and not jam their parking lot.

A beekeeping club can offer a lot of advantages to prospective, new, and experienced beekeepers. We could offer a beginners course to get people started, sponsor speakers on various topics, and provide a social base for increasing everyone’s base of knowledge, expertise, and appreciation for bees in our lives.  I hope you can come and increase your joy in being with bees.

Glenn Perry

2 responses to “Ojai Valley Beekeeping Club, 1st Meeting Thursday July 21st, 6:00 PM Farmer & Cook annex

  1. I’m a hobby bee keeper in San Jose. At a recent Christmas event, a fellow volunteer who has no knowlege of bees asked me for help. Her mother lives in Ojai and has a colony of bees in a structure. I think it might be an out buiding. She aske me for a contact in Ojai to remove and save the colony. I have a contact phone number for her. I told her I’d make contact and provide her a reference. Could someone from group provide such a refernce? .My contact info is Ken Mckenzie at (408) 255 5070 or kmdj6@sbcglobal. Thanks

  2. This posting was from 2011. Now, as of 2015, the Ojai Valley Beekeeping Club still meets on the second Thursday of each month at The Farmer and the Cook restaurant. Beekeepers of all levels and people interested in becoming beekeepers are welcome.

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