TEN things you can do to help Bees

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1.  Plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs in your garden and yard. (California Native plants)

2.  Weeds can be a good thing, they flower, they attract pollinators.

3. Don’t use chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden.

4. Buy local, raw honey.

5. Bees are thirsty. Put a small basin of fresh water outside your home.

6. Buy local, organic food from a farmer that you know.

7. Learn how to be a beekeeper with sustainable practices.

8. Understand that honeybees aren’t out to get you.

9. Share solutions with others in your community.

10. Let congress know what you think.

Honeybees are vegetarians. They want to forage pollen and nectar from flowers up to three miles from their hive and bring that food back to provide food for themselves and the beehive.  A few tips to avoid getting stung: 1. Stay still and calm if a bee is around you or lands on you. Many bees will land on you and sniff you out. They can smell the pheromones that come with fear and anger which can be a trigger for them to sting you. 2. Don’t stand in front of a hive opening, or a pathway to a concentration of flowers. Bees are busy running back and forth from the hive, and if you don’t get in their way, they won’t be in yours. 3. Learn to differentiate between honeybees and wasps. Honeybees die after they sting humans (but not after they sting other bees!), wasps do not. Wasps are carnivores, so they like your lunch-meats and soda.

Change has to happen from the top-down as well as from the bottom-up so speakup, get involved.

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