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Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control

Earth Friendly (Cedar Oil) Products ~ For Family, Pets, Lawn & Garden, Farm and Livestock

FOR SCORPION, MOSQUITO, FLEA, and TICK CONTROL inside and outside premises, Natures Defender PCO Choice is a Chemical Free Solution specially created for Pre or Post treatment of insect infestations.

It can be applied with hose end, trigger, compression and pressure applicators. It is designed for immediate insect control results of inside and outside treatments for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, Equine and Dairy entities.

It is effective for control of Mosquito, Flea, Fly, Chigger, No-See-Um, Mite, Bed Bug, Japanese Beetle, Scorpion, Carpet Beetle, Ant, Mole Cricket and numerous other Non-Beneficial Insects. Natures Defender PCO CHOICE is also effective in control of GRUBS when applied on turf areas experiencing grub infestations that often result in damage to the sod. It can also be used in Misting and Irrigation Systems.

The product is considered Safe to Children and Pets and has no effect on beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs, Butterflies and amphibians such as Frogs and Toads. It is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide by the EPA. NO APPLICATORS LICENSE REQUIRED. Normal safety precautions should be practiced when using this product. Natures Defender PCO Choice is sold in quart and gallon containers.

4 oz. to 1 gallon of water.