Transition to Organics Conference—Bios

Matthew Boeck, Organic Horticulturist for Jay’s Landscapes Inc. Carpinteria, CA  Specializing in Large Estate Resource Management, Organic plant protection for fire, frost and pests. Multiple winner of California Landscape Contractors Association Beautification Awards for mid and large size Landscape Maintenance. 35 years experience working with both edible and ornanmental crops organically. Live in the upper Ojai valley on a 5 acre organic farm. 805-708-8383  Email:mkboeck

Robert “BD” Dautch, Owner/Farmer, Earthtrine Farms
BD started gardening and selling things out of his garden in 1974. In 1982
he moved onto Circle I Farm in the Sacramento Valley that was certified
with CCOF. His first inspection was done by Harlan Lundberg of Lundberg
Family Farms, back when CCOF members did expectations. BD did his first
inspection for CCOF at Dick Harter’s 3000 acre rice plantation. He moved
to Southern California in 1984 and started Earthtrine Farm in 1986 with 18
acres of CCOF certified organic fruit and vegetables. BD now lives in Ojai
where he grows an additional 10 acres of mixed vegetables that are CCOF
certified organic. BD started to sell at farmers markets in 1978 and found
that to be the preferred form of marketing, along with word of mouth. He
raised four children on the farm who have been eating out of the fields
(and the soil) for the past 25 years.

Steve Sprinkel, Owner, The Farmer and the Cook
Steve Sprinkel has been farming organically since 1975. A former associate editor at ACRES, USA and a career organic certification and regulatory expert, Steve is active regionally as the president of the Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture and nationally as the board president of the Cornucopia Institute. He has a 12 acre organic farm in Ojai and co-owns with his wife, Olivia Chase, The Farmer and The Cook, an all-organic vegetarian bakery/restaurant and grocery in Ojai.

Denise Ritchie, Founder of Malibu Compost   Denise Ritchie co-founded Malibu Compost in 2009 and began changing her life – and that of one very endearing cow named Bu – one bag of Biodynamic compost at a time. A California native, UCLA graduate and longtime screenwriter, Denise unearthed her passion for dirt during a writer’s strike that lead her to a newfound business in landscaping. A deep-rooted desire to protect the planet and instill eco-conscious, mindful practices in her business led Denise to discover Biodynamic farming – an holistic approach to agriculture that considers the farm as its own self-contained organism. A new appreciation and understanding of “living soil” seeded Denise’s development of Malibu Compost and its signature Bu’s Blend, a Biodynamic compost that provides fruits, vegetables, grasses, roses, trees, lawns and herbs a beyond organic, super food. Bu’s Blend is currently in 125 stores nationwide and growing.  In Ojai, you can find the Malibu compost at Flora Gardens on Baldwin Road and soon at Aqua Flo.

Mano Farms Justin & Quin

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