TTO Conferences

About our speakers on Friday, May 13, 2011

Article on BD and Earthtrine Farms in Ventana Magazine

Steve Sprinkel -Rio Gozo Farm  and Farmer and the Cook

Jason & Quinn – Mano Farm

Denise Ritchie – Malibu Compost

Matthew Boeck, Organic Pest Control Advisor for Jay’s Landscapes Inc. Carpinteria, CA specializing in Large Estate Resource Management, organic plant protection for fire, frost and pests. Multiple winner of California Landscape Contractors Association Beautification Awards for mid and large size Landscape Maintenance. 35 years experience working with both edible and ornanmental crops organically.

Email to attendees of #1 Transition to Organics Conference

Dear Transition to Organics supporters ~
Last Friday’s conference was really a wonderful gathering, and we’d like to continue the conversation with all those that are interested in learning and sharing more about successful ways of transitioning to organic farming/gardening.

We invite you to tell us about your particular concerns and challenges in transitioning to organics.  For our next conference in a few months, we’d like to address these concerns and bring the information that will help us all in creating balanced, healthy ecosystems that support sustainable agriculture in the Ojai Valley.

We’d also like to hear from you about success stories and advice concerning
organic pest management that we can share with the group.

For ant control, Matt Boeck has found that boric acid is very effective.
He places plastic bottle caps filled with a mixture of boric acid, sugar
and water near ant infestations.  (If you decide to try this, be sure your
pets don’t have access to the boric acid mixture.)

You can also buy ready made ant traps containing boric acid by Terro:

More info on boric acid for ant control can be found on this website:

For brown snail problems, Matt uses decollate snails.
Info on decollate snails:

Joanne Krantz uses the product “Tanglefoot”, a sticky barrier that can be applied
to tree trunks to disrupt ants from farming aphids.

Steve Sprinkel uses organic soybean meal as an effective and nutritious mulch
around plants and trees to discourage weeds.  Also, the flame torch is effective in burning
baby weeds before they get too big.

If you have particular product that you’d like to have available locally, you can contact
Van Vermeesch at AquaFlo in Ojai and he will see if they can carry it.
Van’s e-mail:
(April Update: new contact person at AquaFlo: Allison Leete.  E-mail:

We are putting together a DVD of the conference, to be available within the next week or two.
(Thanks to Julie Latremouille, a Brooks Institute graduate, who donated her time to film the
conference!)   Many growers who were unable to make it to the conference expressed
interest in getting a copy of the DVD.  Let me know if you would like one too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm regards ~

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  1. You can now find my updated information at
    – Matt Boeck

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